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About Whistling Dog Cellars

At Whistling Dog Cellars we don’t just own the winery and vineyard, we actually do the work.  One of us is the primary worker in every step of our vineyard and winery activities; we have no other employees.  Growing and making world-class Pinot is not just our passion, it is our livelihood, it is the only thing we do.  We don’t just stake our reputation on it; we stake our family’s welfare on it.  


Ripening Pinot Noir Grapes We spend almost all of our energy tending the vines. One of us is in the vineyard everyday; in most cases from sunrise to sunset.  Using sustainable, dry-farming techniques, we do all that we can to ensure the best growing and ripening conditions, given each season’s unique characteristics.  By the time our estate grapes reach the crush pad, every vine has been touched by us at least 25 times since the previous year's harvest.


In the winery, on the other hand, we take a minimalist approach and let Nature take its course.  Our role is to guide the winemaking process, not manipulate it.  At most, we sort and destem the grapes, punch down the cap, press the wine to settling tank, rack to barrel, add minimal SO2 after MLF, rack to bottling tank, and bottle - that's it.  During hot, dry seasons we do not add water or acids to the musts; during cool, wet seasons we do not add sugar or use concentrating techniques.  Our wines emphasize the characteristics of the growing season and vineyard; we do not cater to pre-determined aroma/taste profiles.


If you want a manipulated wine; manufactured for vintage-to-vintage uniformity; at a price that is as pretentious as its label; you won’t find it here.  At Whistling Dog Cellars you'll find affordable, world-class, unadulterated 100% Pinot Noir wines, produced with single-minded passion, that reflect where and when the grapes were grown.   Go ahead, try our wine; you'll enjoy it.

Thank you for your interest in our tiny winery, Celeste, Yin Hua, & Tom Symonette  


We welcome all Whistling Dog Cellar Club members to visit us at our vineyard/cellar, by appointment.  To become a Cellar Club member, just click "Online Store", then click "Register", then fill in your contact info. It's free, and you will receive a 10% rebate on all case purchases, as well as allocation priority on future releases.   


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Whistling Dog Cellars
Phone: 503-329-5114
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Our Pinots:

Current Release: (click label above for more info)
$288/cs, Free Shipping (case club members)

2012 NSV Mélange
--- Only 74 Cases Produced

2012 NSV Dijon Blocks
--- Only 163 Cases Produced

2012 NSV Heritage Blocks
Only 125 Cases Produced


Future Releases:

2014 Nuestro Sueño Vineyard
In Barrel until Spring 2016
21 barrels

2015 Nuestro Sueño Vineyard
In Barrel until Spring 2017
18 barrels


We ship to all states, except: Alabama, Arkansas, Massachusetts, Mississippi, and Utah.